Girlie Vasallo is a Filipino-Canadian ad agency associate creative director turned singer/songwriter, with years of experience writing commercial soundtracks before moving to Vancouver, Canada. She has earned recognition from the London International Advertising Awards and the Creative Guild Awards for her work in television ads. Yet writing music is still her first love.

Her song, “Chapter Two”, earned her a finalist nomination in the 16th IAMA International Acoustic Music Awards and a semi-finalist nod in the UK Songwriting Contest (Singer-Songwriter).  This year, it is also nominated in the HMMA Hollywood Music in Media Awards (Folk/Acoustic).

The Dance/EDM track, "GOLD", was selected as a semi-finalist in the ISC International Songwriting Competition out of more than 18,000 entries worldwide.

Her faith song, “Here I Am”, was a nominated in the HMMA Hollywood Music in Media Awards, and also earned a semi-finalist nod in the UKSC (Christian/Faith).

“Never Take For Granted” was a double semi-finalist in the UKSC (Crisis Songs) and in Music Aid 2020 (Original Songs).

Finally her song, “Save The Day”, was also nominated in the HMMA Hollywood Music in Media Awards, was a finalist in the World Songwriting Awards and a semi-finalist in the UKSC. This song was also featured in the Global TV Series "Private Eyes" Season 5.  In 2021, she released her latest track, "What If You Were Perfect" which was a finalist in the World Songwriting Awards and now a Semi-Finalist in the UK Songwriting Contest. She defines her sound as adult contemporary, other times leaning towards pop, dance pop and electronic dance music. 

Girlie has worked with Grammy and Juno award-winning producers and arrangers in North America as well as songwriters and producers recipient of the prestigious Awit Awards in Manila, Philippines. She is also a finalist for International Female Songwriter of the Year and International Female Single of the Year for her song "Save The Day" under the International Singer-Songwriters Association.  These days she is more focused on sync songwriting and music licensing - writing music for television shows and commercials by creating original songs that  synchronize music to picture, and working towards writing a hit song for an international artist or band through creative collaborations.


What If You Were Perfect

Girlie Vasallo

World Songwriting Awards Finalist                                                                UK Songwriting Contest Semi-Finalist



Girlie Vasallo

Nominated in the HMMA Hollywood Music in Media Awards                ISSA Single of the Year Finalist                                                                              World Songwriting Awards Finalist                                                                UK Songwriting Contest Semi-Finalist 


Girlie Vasallo

UK Songwriting Contest Semi-Finalist                                                  UKSC Music Aid Semi-Finalist


Girlie Vasallo

ISC International Songwriting Competition Semi-Finalist


Girlie Vasallo

Nominated in the HMMA Hollywood Music In Media Awards                IAMA International Acoustic Music Awards Finalist                               UK Songwriting Contest Semi-Finalist                                                  UKSC Music Aid Semi-Finalist


Girlie Vasallo feat. Lalaine Enriquez

Nominated in the HMMA Hollywood Music in Media Awards                UK Songwriting Contest Semi-Finalist


Girlie Vasallo feat. Lalaine Enriquez

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Song Review: Save The Day

Song: SAVE THE DAY (Girlie Vasallo) 

Overall Impression: 
Girlie Vasallo serves up frisky, fresh, uplifting Pop, ready to be jammed immediately in her new track SAVE THE DAY, a buoyant outing of synth, and invigorating beats for anyone who's been struggling with feeling stagnant or stifled. Tackling current topics with poise and grace, SAVE THE DAY transforms the turbulent events of 2020 into an effervescent feel good track full of hope, weightless, catchy instrumentals, and silvery, lovable vocals for an irresistible good time. 

Strongest Point(s): 
SAVE THE DAY has an incredibly cohesive feel, thanks to careful artistic choices and flawless production that results in an infectious track full of beautiful melodies and tones that all live effortlessly within the same space. Girlie Vasallo's lyrics are on the nose and unmistakable in their references, yet general enough to not accidentally date themselves in a way that could damage the piece's longevity, and her overall message that life/love 'will find a way' is timeless in both its appeal and application. The song's layering is soft and full of interest while retaining an easy, offhand vibe, and details like layered vocals and the song's fuzzed out break beginning at approximately 2.13 offers plenty of variation for the short, sweet track. (PS: Cute, groovy music video! Thank you for sharing!) 

Target Audience Appeal: 
SAVE THE DAY has easy appeal for anyone who considers themselves a fan of Pop, Dance, Indie, or general synth. An immersive and positive jam, the song will likely be a popular add for a wide range of playlists serving a variety of purposes, including morning pick-me-ups, commuting, positivity/motivation, and overall aesthetic moods. A possibility for a club or bar looking to promote a positive atmosphere, the song would also be an excellent choice to include on a larger album of work where listeners could really settle in and connect with the music in their own time. 

Artist target suggestions: 
Alessia Cara, Zara Larson, Hailee Steinfeld, Astrid S, Julia Michaels, Selena Gomez, Bebe Rexha 

About the Reviewer: 

Mary Wildsmith is an FM Radio DJ, and has been involved in both on-air work and radio production for five and a half years, in addition to working the past decade in and out of the live entertainment industry. She has experience with the fickle nature of the music industry, selecting singles to promote or discard for radio play, and engineering stage to audience sound systems. Having worked balancing, troubleshooting, and running audio rigs has enabled her to be both sensitive, and sympathetic, to the finesse and nuance of quality recording. Mary is passionate about promoting new and independent artists, and has spent extensive time in round-table environments discussing music and audio critically, and collaborating with artists to enable them to put the best possible foot forward with their art. 

Vocals: Strength 
Lyrics: Strength 
Instrumental Performance/Execution: Strength 
Melody/Rhythm: Strength 
Arrangement/Flow: Strength 
Recording Quality/Overall Mix: Strength